Plastiblow and the Customer Service

Pre and post sales assistance on extrusion - blow moulding machines, for maximum customer satisfaction.


Taking care of the customer, assist him in the decision-making process before the sale, follow him after the purchase, all this to guarantee machines that are always efficient, even after some time, supplying only original spare parts.

Our attention begins by collaborating with the customer already at the beginning of the commercial proposal, trying to analyze his needs, developing a "tailor-made" project and sharing our technical experience so as to be able to propose only concrete and productive solutions.

Proposal, customization, design and integration with existing lines, shared tests and trials are key- aspects for the basis of a conscious relationship, which we hope will be lasting and repetitive over time.

Maintenance Services

Plastiblow offers a series of maintenance services, in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of the purchased machine, through maintenance services planned over time at the customer's site.


Refurbish an extrusion-blowing machine for updating it technologically or restoring the original mechanical or electronic functions. Sometimes retraining can be convenient. These are assessments that need to be considered, but can still be a concrete need.

In agreement with the customer, our technicians can go to the place of installation of the machine and perform a complete check, draw up a preliminary report and finally suggest the best solution for the customer, not for Plastiblow.

The re-vamping or retro fitting operations, if required, imply various activities necessary for the complete revision:

  •        replacement of worn parts with new components 
  •        mechanical overhaul
  •       general cleaning 
  •       restore of factory original settings 
  •       update of machine software
  •        restore of machine safety conditions

Technical Assistance

We manage the start-up of the machines, we handle the installation based on the specifications and the layout of the plant, we also provide training to the personnel in charge.

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