Motor oil

Blowing extrusion machines for the car oils and liquids

Plastiblow multi-cavity extrusion blow moulding machines used to produce bottles and containers for the automotive sector: high numbers, elaborate designs, perfect shapes, sealing, labeling in the mould.


The search for particularly complex shapes and design solutions, the care in finishing and sealing are probably the main features required for containers in this sector which, in the past, used very big and energy-consuming blow moulding machines equipped with big hydraulic units, pumps and accumulators.

In 2001 Plastiblow presented customizable models with electric drives characterized by innovative solutions and excellent performance, curiously also in this field where oil is the main object of commerce. Probably for the ability to significantly increase productivity and therefore reduce operating and maintenance costs.

For both mono-layer and multi-layer coextruded containers, the most important feature is checking the thickness of the container during the production phase, which must remain constant for all the pieces produced.

The Plastiblow range of electric blow-moulding machines, for this sector includes models designed for containers up to 20 - 30 liters in single or double station for mono or co-extrusion, with traditional extruders or forced-feed for the use of high molecular weight polyethylene in granules or powder.

Among the various technical solutions applied, we highlight our exclusive patented system of fine-calibration of the bottle necks, in full safety with the machine in motion, the automatic devices in the machine for trimming, the blow-needle for welded handles, the quality control units in line, the downstream packaing, systems for view stripes and others.

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