Extrusion blowing machines for dairy sector

Aseptic work processes and high productivity by number of pieces. These are the characteristics of the electric blow moulding machines that Plastiblow can offer to a strategic sector such as the Dairy one. Also with linear models as an alternative to rotary machines.


A booming sector, especially with regard to single-use milk drinks, as an alternative to traditional yoghurt, so much so that multinationals aim for a particularly attractive communication focusing on healthy aspects, as well as natural ones but still related to the well-being of the person.

Even in this sector, thanks to the experience gained in years of design, research and development of blow moulding machines, Plastiblow can guarantee the supply of electric machines particularly suitable for aseptic environments, in various configurations. 

The primary function required for containers in this sector, especially for long-lasting products, is the UV barrier. For this reason, 3-layer structures of white/black/white HDPE are typically used, in percentages 30-40-30 or 40-40-20, where the intermediate layer allows effective protection from sunlight, responsible for the degradation of the organic characteristics of milk and its derivatives.

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