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Extrusion blow moulding machines for detergents and home care

Plastiblow extrusion blow moulding machines used to produce bottles and containers for this sector must guarantee high numbers of pieces at aggressive costs.


The market of detergents and household care products requires machines with particularly rapid production cycles but without neglecting the aesthetics and design of the container and its robustness; fundamental aspects for the attractiveness of selling to the consumer.

Large numbers of pieces produced correspond to a rather low unit cost, even in the presence of containers or bottles with multiple layers and with machines that use In Mold labeling. 

Shapes, material, surface finishes: these are all conditions that must meet precise design requirements. Regardless of the content, the bottles produced must be compatible with the liquid they are going to
contain, preserve the quality of the product, prevent the product from being dispersed during transport, have a beautiful design or important thicknesses, in the event that they contain dangerous substances containing acids, dyes, bleaches.

Thanks to the application of particular technologies and the know-how acquired in decades of activity, Plastiblow has created many blowing machines for this important industrial sector. Strengths of Plastiblow blow moulding machines:
-  repeatability of movements (in the absence of oil, there are no differences in behavior with varying operating temperatures)
- faster cycles and regular and precise movements, therefore increased productivity and reduced production waste
- energy consumption reduced to a minimum, therefore lower operating costs
- lower maintenance costs 
- reduction of environmental impact (absence of hydraulic fluids and noise reduction)


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