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Blowing extrusion machines for the pharmaceutical-medical sector

Plastiblow extrusion blowing machines used to produce bottles and containers for medical or pharmaceutical items must undergo strict rules and approval processes.


Safety, production processes as sterile as possible, use of appropriate materials. In the medical sector many items are produced with extrusion-blowing technology with the use of different polymer materials such as HDPE, LPDE, PVC, PET, PP, PC, EV, but also Teflon, polyetherammide and others. 

The choice of material is very important, especially when the application is about the production of devices that must come into contact with an organic tissue, or resist repeated sterilizations in autoclaves.

In Plastiblow, in recent years, several blowing machines have been made for the production of medical items such as test tubes, pipettes for laboratory analysis, pumps in thermoplastic rubber, soft PVC bags for hospital use, inhalers, bottles for physiological solutions in polypropylene, PVC dialysis chambers, as well as bottles for pads, eye drops, etc.

Every machine we have built for this special industry has posed specific design and fine-tuning problems, so as to increase our expertise in the use of special metal alloys that can withstand very high working temperatures needed to process unusual plastics, as well as particular automations for the finishing, handling and packaging of products of various shapes.

The next-generation Plastiblow electric blowing machines proposed for the medical-pharmaceutical sector, considering that there are no hydraulic components are ideal to prevent contamination of products and the sterile environment where they are installed.

Strengths of our machines:
- repeatability of movements (in the absence of oil there are no differences in behaviour as operating temperatures change)
- faster cycles and regular and precise movements, therefore increased productivity and decreased waste
- reduced energy consumption, therefore lower operating costs  
- lower maintenance costs
- reducing environmental impact (no hydraulic fluids and noise reduction)

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