Cosmetic & Personal care

Extrusion blow moulding machines for the cosmetic and personal care sector

The bottles and containers used in the packaging of the cosmetic sector must meet high quality and aesthetic standards. Shapes, material, surface finishes are all conditions that must meet precise requirements.


Beautiful and attractive for exposure, long-lasting, resistant to chemical agents and impacts, with a barrier effect, perfect under every eye. These are the containers produced for the cosmetic sector and for the personal care industry. In a few words, absolute perfection.

The bottles used for these sectors must have a shiny surface, resist scratches and be easily printable with screen printing processes. For this reason, two-layer structures are usually used as they meet opposite needs: on one hand, the amount of coloring material is to be reduced, while on the other hand high coverage must be guaranteed to give the product an identical aesthetic appearance to that of a similar one-layer product.
In our case the outer layer is in the order of 20% of the total thickness.

The same principle applies to the soft touch bottles, which offer a velvety tactile sensation, for which PP-based materials are used and where the outer layer of a particularly expensive additive can be even less than 10%.

Our single or double station electric blow moulding machines are very appreciated in these sectors as they can obtain very narrow thickness tolerances, very rapid color change times, and the possibility of working in sterile or controlled atmosphere rooms.

Thanks to the use of patented heads, whose design allows an optimal distribution of the flows without running into problems of burns deriving from the stagnation of the material, the Plastiblow machines have achieved excellent results in the production of bottles or containers in PETG or PVC or with structures up to six layers, with a barrier effect, to limit the dispersion of aromas or perfumes, or to preserve the content that may be subject to oxidation.

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