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Extrusion blow moulding machines for the agrochemical and industrial sectors

Electric blowing moulding machines replace the obsolete and large hydraulic blow moulding machines. More precision, lower energy consumption (up to 70%).


Within the plants of these industrial sectors it is often possible to see enormous and energy-consuming blow moulding machines with hydraulic power packs equipped with large pumps and accumulators. 
Plastiblow, already in 2001, entered the demanding sector of industrial packaging with machines for the production of stackable containers equipped with electric drives, which were characterized by innovative solutions; machines that, with a motor of only 5 kW, developed a force of 300 kN evenly distributed on the mold plates.

Today, thanks to even more efficient kinematic systems, the introduction of mechatronic systems, the use of linear guides and modules for kinetic energy recovery, energy consumption is super low and reduced by up to 70% compared to the hydraulic " old generation” machines.

The range of Plastiblow electric blow moulding machines dedicated to this sector, can produce containers up to 30 liters in single or double station, single extrusion or co-extrusion, with traditional extruders or forced feed, for the use of polyethylene with high molecular weight in granules or powder.

Static deformation (SFDR) or dynamic (PWDS) extrusion tools, can be applied to the head  to check and optimize the thickness even radially.

Polyamide (PA) is used as a barrier material in containers for chemical products such as detergents, fertilizers, fungicidal herbicides, etc. to improve resistance to aggressive contents or impermeability to solvents. Usually there are 3-layer structures. If the use of regrind material is foreseen, the structure has 4 layers: barrier layer + adhesive layer + regrind + external layer of colored material.

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