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Extrusion blow moulding machines for the food sector

Plastiblow extrusion blow moulding machines used to produce bottles and containers for use in food packaging have to produce large quantities with very rapid and precise work cycles, to maintain the lowest possible price per unit.


Design and excellent surface finishes to be appealing to the consumer, high speeds and large quantities of units must be produced to maintain a rather low unit cost. A particularly light weight, even for multilayer bottles, easily printable to act as a barrier to external agents and to preserve aromas and flavors, for an adequate shelf life, that is the maintenance of organoleptic characteristics for a long time. These are the main needs that must be met in the production of bottles for the food industry.

Thanks to the coextrusion technology, Plastiblow machines can manufacture coextruded bottles up to six layers that correspond to these characteristics. The typical sequence of the layers is: internal HDPE / adhesive / barrier / adhesive / regrind / external HDPE. The barrier material in most cases is EVOH, with variable thickness depending on the product. 

As in the case of the machines used for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector, Plastiblow machines are particularly suitable for the total absence of hydraulic actuators, even eliminating the risk of contamination of products and the environment, thus making them ideal for sterile environments or in a controlled atmosphere, as strict food regulations require, to prevent the formation of bacterial colonies.

Among the machines that can be used for this sector, we point out a long-stroke double carriage electric blow moulding machine for the production of 6-layer bottles with 8-cavity moulds and a 125 mm center distance The typical composition of the layers, from the inside to the outside, is: PP / regrind / adhesive / EVOH / adhesive / PP, with thicknesses varying from 30 microns of the adhesive layer to half a mm of regrinded material.This type of blow moulding machine is equipped with 3 horizontal extruders (outer, inner and regrind layer) and 3 vertical extruders (adhesive and barrier).

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