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Extrusion blow moulding machines for the toys and sports sectors

For the production of items with unusual shapes, Plastiblow can develop blow moulding machines with interesting solutions characterized by a great versatility of production.


The extrusion blow moulding technology, for a series of technical and economic reasons, has gained an important role among the production methods of various types of toys or certain sports items. 
First of all, the production process is flexible and is often performed in a single phase without further processing for subsequent finishes. The products obtained, by extrusion, are already safe for children because with the blowing the shapes are naturally rounded; they are also recyclable and lighter than similar products performed by injection. Not least, the investments required for these extrusion blow moulding machines and molds are lower than other process technologies.

With the blow moulding process you can get finished parts like rocking horses, cars, balls, rings, wheels or parts of toys to assemble. But also skittles, sleds, multicolored balls without a swimming pool hole or for babyboxes, etc.

Two models of blowing machines are more suitable for these sectors: 
-    PB5000 / CF
-    PB10000 /CF
Suitable for hollow bodies with a maximum volume of 5 or 10 liters, these models instead of having a mold that moves from the extrusion station to the blowing station, use a clamp to transport the parison from the extrusion head to the mould that remains under the blowing pin and is equipped with a single opening / closing movement.

The removal of the carriage shuttle stroke of the mould brings considerable advantages, for example: 
-    the absence of vibrations 
-    the drastic reduction of the idle cycle time
-    The particular arrangement of the closing unit also allows the positioning of the blowing pins in various parts of the mould and to assemble particularly high moulds, for the production of elongated articles or for productions with multiple cavities moulds, arranged vertically along the parison.

All the programming and machine control functions are managed by a PLC, through an operator panel with an active matrix screen (every single pixel is connected to its own transistor), membrane keyboard and USB unit. They can therefore be displayed and programmed through several dedicated pages: machine sequence time, temperature control values, parison thickness profiles and other parameters as well as graphic pages, diagnostics and statistic control functions

For the production of very complex and bulky or large parts, Plastiblow offers the following models:
-    PB30 / S
-    PB30 / D
Single or double carriage blowing machines, with a closing force of 30 tons but with a very limited consumption of electrical energy compared to hydraulic machines

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