Plastiblow: competence in blow moulding processes


Knowledge of blow moulding extrusion technologies and ability to apply them. 
Our expertise comes from over 50 years of work in this sector that is so strategic for the industry


We at Plastiblow do not have to certify our skills, but rather the validation process that comes from the market and its responses, especially in the last decade.

Our process of constant growth and strengthening, recognition received from markets in various countries of the world, positive comments from consolidated customers, are more than valid recognition referring to our specific competences intended and summarized in "know-how". Our skills are not shouted but modestly practiced in the context of our work and our daily production.  Competences which are still indispensable to be competitive in such a globalized market.

The effects of our skills can be seen in the functionality of our machines, in their precision and in the value of the energy efficiency class that EUROMAP 46.1 of 2014 has determined for our machines :Class 10 ( ≤ 0,29 kWh/kg).