Plastiblow, the automatic world of blow moulding

Electric blow moulding machines for food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals or detergents. We produce models for every need and size.

Control, safety, energy saving, form and function: the machines completely built by Plastiblow inside its factories, located in a highly industrialized area, integrate mechanical construction care and use of intelligent technologies, aiming at provide functional quality.

The skill of our operators, combined with technical expertise, production efficiency, centrality of component production and assembly operations, are just some of the aspects that make Plastiblow blowing machine models successful. A standardized production in executive phases but able to realize "tailor-made" solutions for the customer.

What makes the difference is the constructive care and detail, the search for perfection, the productive organization, the experienced staff.

In order to ensure fast supplies, we organized production in specific technical-operational areas with scheduled workflows. With the Plastiblow manufacturing care, typically Made in Italy, the energy of blowing machines is not wasted, the control is constant, the distribution is smart and the energy savings has never been greater.

The reliability of Plastiblow extrusion-blowing machines is evidenced by the level of export. More than 80% of the machines produced are destined for the various countries of the world.

Plastiblow: over 50 years of Italian quality and expertise in the production of energy-efficient extrusion  blowing machines.


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