The future of blow moulding is called Plastiblow

Propose increasingly new and winning solutions to the market of extrusion-blowing machines and apply itself with enthusiasm to the search for new Motion Control systems. All to guarantee ever higher performance.

Research and development activities must be considered central to a modern company that wishes to maintain a high level of competitiveness within its market. Maintaining a strong advantage over competitors is not only a duty, but essential today even more than in the past.

At Plastiblow, the work team is daily engaged in research and development through which new movements, applications of technologies and innovative Motion Control solutions are designed, tested and implemented, with the aim of guaranteeing extremely high levels of synchronization and precision, in parallel to a simplicity of use of the machines.

Our machines have flexible configurations, lower energy consumption, movements and reproducibility of constant and precise machine cycles, with well-defined operating times, as well as a significant reduction in production waste and maintenance intervention times.

The solutions studied by R&D today that the mechatronics in Plastiblow is a consolidated reality, will increasingly focus on integrating the typical functions of a blow molding machine with the principles of the industry 4.0 of the future digitized company, with the aim of developing more and more effective and connected plants.

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