Plastiblow, extrusion blow moulding 4.0


Our goal, as a manufacturer of electric blow moulding machines, is to achieve qualitative results suitable for competing in the world market and meeting customer expectations.

Attentive to market needs and customer needs, we work to comply with all supply specifications and to deliver low environmental impact machines, lower energy consumption and can be monitored through online telediagnosis systems: all skills required by industry 4.0

Mechanical organs, mechanisms and molds are processed with modern numerical control machines, in precision workshops, by highly specialized suppliers. Accessories, electronic components, control units, peripherals and systems are purchased from selected suppliers. The construction and assembly are carried out exclusively by highly qualified internal resources.

The machines, before delivery, are subject to a quality supply specification, which includes a precise and careful quality control, the management of non-conformities with the specifications of capitulation with related corrective actions, if necessary.

At Plastiblow, we make quality a distinctive factor, even before being strategic and competitive, to which we care, to activate a positive word in the market of electric blow-moulding users.