Extrusion blow-moulding machines

We produce low energy consumption extrusion blow moulding machines; data among the lowest in the sector.

Once there were hydraulic machines: big, energy-consuming equipped with hydraulic units with pumps and accumulators. Then the technology came to the aid of the sector and, in early 2001 Plastiblow started to produce electric compact blow-moulding machines that were surprisingly high performance.

The models we offer are characterized by the quality of the applied technical solutions, some covered by patents, in single or double station, monolayer  or multilayer coextrusion, with traditional extruders or forced feed version,  for the use of high molecular polyethylene in granules or powder.

As required by the various industrial sectors, all blow-molding models can be customized.

Our range of extrusion blow moulding machines adopt new technologies in electric drives in order to get intelligent integration into industrial processes.


Less environmental impact
No hydraulic oil to dispose, less noise

Lower energy consumption
Measured consumption lower or equal to ≤ 0,29 KWh/Kg including extruder heating

More precision in reproducibility processes and therefore more productivity
Reliable and precise mechatronic systems vs hydraulic system with oil condition variations

Lower maintenance costs
Reliable and precise mechatronic systems vs many hydraulic components that require frequent maintenance

Integrated control systems
Telediagnosis and statistic process control